03/23/13 - Witten

Questions & Answers

Who? - see below.
What? - I use this chance to see the World, travel, take photos and hopefully meet nice people, get to know different cultures and see interesting places.
How? - I don't really know. Whatever seems the best way to do it.
Where? - I'm not going to write this every time and I don't yet know. So far I planned to fly to Dubai on April the 8th and then take a plane to Mumbai on the 12th.
Where to? - Wherever my legs take me.
Why? - Why not? When are you truly free to do something like this? There might be hundred reasons not to go, but there are thousands to go!
With whom? - So far alone. I might be joined by friends at some time, or meet people along the way. If you like to join me, get in touch!
How long? - Maybe just a few weeks, maybe a year or longer. Depends on mood, health, money etc.
Why are there no photos of people/you? - this is sort of my style, probably influenced by my studies. One reason is privacy and third-party rights and I don't want an internet giant to memorize my face.