06/30/15 - Kota Kinabalu

Airlie Beach & Whitsundays, Gold Coast and flight

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06/18/15 - Kota Kinabalu

Mount Ogilby ⁄ For Far Farm (Work)

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06/02/15 - Kota Kinabalu

Watermelon Festival in Chinchilla & Easter in Roma (Work)

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05/17/15 - Kota Kinabalu

Agnes Water, Town 1770 to Canarvon Gorge NP

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05/05/15 - Coolangatta

Fraser Island & Rainbow Beach

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04/18/15 - Roma

Gold Coast, Brisbane & Noosa

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04/06/15 - Roma

Port MacQuarie and Byron Bay

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03/22/15 - Roma


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03/06/15 - Roma

Kosciusko National Park to Canberra

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02/19/15 - Chinchilla

Victoria (Great Ocean Road to Melbourne)

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02/04/15 - Rainbow Beach

Southern Australia (Coober Pedy, Adelaide)

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01/21/15 - Sydney

Alice Springs

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01/06/15 - Melbourne

Kings Canyon

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12/25/14 - Melbourne

Ayers Rock/Uluru and the Olgas/Kata Tjuta

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12/13/14 - Alice Springs

Hermannsburg & Areyonga (Work)

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12/05/14 - Alice Springs

West MacDonnell National Park

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11/23/14 - Alice Springs

Litchfield National Park

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11/08/14 - Alice Springs

West Arnhem (Gunbalanya/Oenpelli)

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10/24/14 - Alice Springs

Victoria Highway, Katherine (Edith Falls), Humpty Doo & Darwin

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10/17/14 - Alice Springs

Kimberley's and Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles)

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10/04/14 - Alice Springs

From Munjina via Port Hedland and 80 Mile Beach to Broome

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09/20/14 - Alice Springs

Karijini National Park

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09/08/14 - Alice Springs

Nanutarra to Tom Price

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08/29/14 - Jabiru

Ningaloo Reef (Coral Bay & Exmouth)

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08/20/14 - Darwin

Shark Bay (Monkey Mia, Hamelin Pool & Shell Beach)

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08/19/14 - Katherine

Luck lies on the street (Perth - Darwin)

A lot of people said hitchhiking was dangerous and quite a few claimed it was illegal, but none warned me that it could be so much crazy fun.
Besides meeting a lot of great and friendly people - most of them tourists - I also experienced a few other crazy things on my hitchhiking trip from Perth to Darwin:

- hitchhiked over 4000km in 31 cars in 17 days (+10 days in Broome)
- I did roughly as many kilometers hitchhiking as the hitchhiking robot, that is/was crossing Canada at the same time
- I lost my phone in one car, but managed to get it back by 'hitch-chasing'
- Someone shared their hotel room (with spare bed) which the company had paid for ('hitch-hoteling')
- one aborigine let me drive his car for over 300km (the new trend: 'hitch-driving')
- one guy drove me 200km out of his way (in the hopes I would drop my pants)
- one day I hiked 15km, because no one wanted to stop. Along the way I found five credit cards, two driver licenses and 100$ cash (most of it in one wallet)
- I met a hitchhiker from Taiwan, who did the same trip just in the reverse direction (who brought the wallet back to its owner)
- one person got scared of my camera bag and wanted to kick me out somewhere in the outback; I could turn the situation around and we ended up traveling together for a couple of days
- I saw a lot of people more than once and we made our private camp sites (everyone in their cars and me in my tent)
- I went skinny-dipping on the 80-Mile beach
- I saw turtles and humpback wales, fed wild dolphins, snorkeled over several corals and swam with manta rays
- I visited two National Parks, a horse race and had a look at dinosaur footprints as well as crashed Japanese Airplanes from the Second World War
- I was over 80km from my tent when the sun went down, luckily there was one more car, it stopped and one of the two girls squeezed in a very tight spot in the back, so that I could sit in the front. Just 10min later a tire burst and I quickly repaired it for them as 'hitch-mechanic'

- and the craziest one:
I was standing at the Minilya Road House and was looking for a ride when a motorcyclist stopped and asked: 'are you German? - is your name Malte?'
It was an old friend that I hadn't seen since we worked together in China seven years ago! We decided to camp together, set up our tents and made a camp fire in a dried out riverbed. We had beer, baked beans and roasted marshmallows over the fire, while we had great chats about the last seven years, the moment and the future.
It was such a cool evening and we realized we couldn't have planned it any better, besides: we only had outdated contact details and he would be visiting Germany by the time I reach his hometown...

08/13/14 - Broome

From Perth to the Billabong Roadhouse

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08/06/14 - Broome


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07/10/14 - Fremantle

Bicycle tour from Perth to Bunbury and back

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06/30/14 - Fremantle


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